• I wish I knew my financial position

    I wish I knew my financial position

  • Up to date financial reporting

    Up to date financial reporting

  • All I have to focus on is selling

    All I have to focus on is selling

XERO bookkeeping for small to medium businesses

xero-silver-partner-badge-RGB.pngThe Xero Accounting program was first rolled out in New Zealand in 2006. Its unique software gave businesses the opportunity to access a real-time accounting platform that afforded them so many new features at any time on any device anywhere in the world.

It has become one of the most widely used accounting software packages in Australia and is favoured by many bookkeepers and accountants alike.

The program is ideal for small to medium business, providing payroll reporting, employee records including leave entitlements, and superannuation reporting.

The developers have continued to roll out improvements and enhancements.

In the hands of a skilled bookkeeping team such as Perth Bookkeeping Services, Xero is a big gun in your arsenal.

The program offers your business the ability to record and track your daily business activity as you go. Reconciling with your bank accounts your bookkeeper can provide up to date reports, track and follow up outstanding accounts on the day the fall due and provide accurate business activity statements to the Tax office all online.

Xero reduced the need for paper in your office. Gone are the days of lengthy spreadsheets and accounting programs that required constant backups, patches, and upgrades. All of this takes place seamlessly in the cloud.

The benefit of Xero is the range of packages and rental prices to suit your business.

So, if you’re tired of filling in your lengthy spreadsheets, or using an old version of an accounting platform that slows your computer, then talk us. 

At Perth Bookkeeping Services we can roll your data over from these outdated and clumsy systems into a fast-efficient program that will help your business grow, reduce your time spent on financial administrative records and allowing you more time to do the things you want to.

Speak to us today to find out how easy it is to get your business up to speed and in the cloud.