• I wish I knew my financial position

    I wish I knew my financial position

  • Up to date financial reporting

    Up to date financial reporting

  • All I have to focus on is selling

    All I have to focus on is selling

Case Studies

Client stories - Jennifer 
Jennifer owns an online food store and wholesale business and she came to me after finding my business details online. She had recognised that in order to run her business successfully she needed to engage other professions to work with her so that she could concentrate on building the business structure, her branding, and marketing ideas as well as still cooking in the kitchen. 

Jennifer recognised that she needed support to maintain her business bank account and financials, paying her suppliers on time, and sticking to a budget that allowed her business to grow and also take into account taxation, payroll, and superannuation obligations and the dues dates. My role is to take the stress away from Jennifer and report to her on a weekly basis on what needed to be paid, the budget and savings going forward and due dates are any deadlines. 

An hour and a half every week is all it takes to keep Jennifer’s business accounts up to date and to be able to report on financials as they are happening. This hour and a half each week, has freed Jennifer up nearly 5 hours a month to do other things to secure her business growth. Not only that, it has also alleviated some unnecessary stress of constantly worrying about income and paying suppliers. Jennifer is now able to look at her business financially in an objective manner instead of being emotionally involved. 

This has allowed Jennifer to make bigger business decisions that have been paramount in her business growth and change. With the support and structure of our services, Jennifer has been able to budget and save for large business purchases, including vehicles and machinery that we have been able to pay for in cash. I have been with Jennifer almost from the very start of her business and I have watched her flourish and her business go from strength to strength. I'm proud to be able to work with someone as headstrong and dedicated to business as what she is. 

Clients stories - Max
Max started his own catering/cafe business in early 2017, after being in a business partnership previously that went into debt and disbanded.    He started his new business as a sole trader but was very skeptical of hiring a bookkeeper or asking for any help from an outside source. His previous dealing with a bookkeeper who did not look after the last business's best interests had tainted Max's trust in ANY bookkeeper.

When Max started his new business, he jumped straight into an existing cafe and gave it a small revamp and opened his doors.  What he did not envision was the lack of customers walking in the door.  He watched his bank balance each week consistently sit on zero and the bills started to stack up.  This lead to depression and a lot of tears.  Max struggled to understand where his business was going wrong, if he was going to make any money or if he was going to end up in debt like the last one. I was recommended to Max by one of my existing clients, Jennifer. I have been running Jennifer's books for the last 2 years and taken the stress away from her by dealing with her budgets and bills so that she could focus on running her business, marketing, and branding, the things that she is good at. She knew that Max ABSOLUTELY needed to call me

When Max was at breaking point, he called me in tears.  He did not understand the Accounting program he was using, did not understand how to get the information about his business from reports or even know where to start.  His depression was driving his emotions and inability to look at things logically. A year and a half on, I have restored Max’s faith in hiring a bookkeeper, not only have I been able to keep Max on track with the bookkeeping and ATO tax side of his business, we have become trusted friends and confidants.

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