• I wish I knew my financial position

    I wish I knew my financial position

  • Up to date financial reporting

    Up to date financial reporting

  • All I have to focus on is selling

    All I have to focus on is selling


“Trust in everything we do”

It is important that you and your bookkeeper work as a team. In this way your bookkeeper understands where you intend to be and how you intend to get there. This knowledge empowers them to assist you in making sure you remain financial throughout the process.

Perth Bookkeeping Services is headed up by Tia Taylor-Rennie. A bookkeeper of 20 years she and her team specialise in working with small to medium businesses and there is little Tia has not experienced when taking on new clients.

For many business owners it can be pride that stops them from admitting they cannot keep up with the financial records. The businesses which succeed are the ones who set their business up with a good bookkeeping service from the outset, or those who decided that to grow to the next level would need the services of a qualified and experienced bookkeeper.

Tia and her team operate with strict diligence when it comes to keeping records and managing your business affairs.  All personnel are police clearance checked and trained in Financial Services / Bookkeeping and work under strict supervision. Working as a team they bring the best work outcomes for all of their clients. Their reputation is built on confidentiality and the trust of their clients.

We offer a personalised service meaning that we can come to you. We can work in your office or we can complete the work at our location if that is more convenient for you. The key is that we complete the work in a timely and cost-efficient manner.  Our goal is to help you grow your business. We do this by ensuring you know your numbers. Tracking and recording of sales and ensuring that you maintain sound billing and debt collection practices means your business should have the cash flow required to remain financial and profitable.

At Perth Bookkeeping Services we can assist in maintaining administrative systems, supplying office management, bookkeeping & BAS services to a diverse group of small to medium business types.

Our objective is to deliver an outstanding personalised service to every client. We recognise that every business is unique, and therefore have the ability and capacity to meet your business bookkeeping and administrative needs.

“Whatever your industry, we can help”

Our specialty is working with the everyday small to medium sized business, the sole traders, and the trades people. We recognise that it is the small to medium businesses that help build and maintain our community. With our services and support we can help them grow. This build stability and growth creates jobs for others. In turn this creates other opportunities for other small businesses to start and the process continues.

We consider ourselves as the go to bookkeeping people in Perth, as we provide a personalised and friendly service second to none. What’s more, you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our quality services are.

“Your business goals become our business goals”

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Tia Taylor-Rennie

  • Registered BAS agent with Tax Practitioners Board
  • Certificate IV in the Financial Services (Bookkeeping)
  • Certificate IV in Accounting
  • Certificate IV in Business Management
  • Certificate in Management Systems Auditing
    (Quality Assurance Internal Auditing)