• I wish I knew my financial position

    I wish I knew my financial position

  • Up to date financial reporting

    Up to date financial reporting

  • All I have to focus on is selling

    All I have to focus on is selling


“Our goal is to help you grow your business”

At Perth Bookkeeping Services we recognise the importance of helping business owners with one of the most important aspects of business survival, the dreaded bookkeeping.

In order to grow a successful business a key aspect is to ensure you know your numbers, and so it is extremely important that your bookkeeping and reporting to the ATO are done accurately and on time. Most small to medium businesses start out of a passion for something they are good at, or necessity. Either way at some point as the business grows you need to recognise the importance associated with engaging a competent, qualified, and trustworthy bookkeeping business to assist you to ensure your businesses finances are where they need to be.

All too often we hear the same stories, my wife does the books, but hates it", “I used to do them but it got too much”, or “I spend my nights and weekends working through statements and invoices when I should be relaxing”.

As bookkeepers, our role is to assist you with the day to day running and recording of all matters associated with your financial records, payments of accounts, financial transactions, payroll, issuing of invoices, tracking and recording of any outstanding debts, and ensuring you report accurately to the Australian Tax Office. 

A good bookkeeping takes skill and adds value to a business. The changes in technology and Australian Taxation Laws require bookkeepers to stay ahead of the game. An experienced bookkeeper will continue to learn and upskill and can assist you by consolidating your records into efficient systems that allow for accurate recording, tracking and reporting.

It is estimated 75% of all business that start will fail within the first five years. One of the major reasons can be tracked to the financial running and accounting practices (or lack of), adopted by the business owner.

All too often we find business owners too busy to keep track of their invoices and monies owed resulting in loss of cash flow, which usually signals an end to the business. 

Accounting platforms like Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and Reckon are all online cloud accounting software programs that allow you to reconcile and send invoices with ease and consistency. Your time is valuable and you should recognise that spending your nights and weekends completing you bookwork takes away family time and focusing on your business and what you are good at.

Perth Bookkeeping Services provides you with the opportunity of establishing sound bookkeeping practices and accurate records from day one. If your invoicing is completed on time and followed up your cash flow should remain constant, allowing you the peace of mind in knowing exactly how your business is tracking.

An additional benefit of engaging our bookkeeping services is that we are separate from accountants. “Our fees are generally more affordable”. We can work alongside your accountant or refer you to one if required. It’s sometimes peace of mind to not have all your eggs in one basket.

Call us today and get your business back on track!

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